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Top 10 Intelligent Video Technology Solution Companies - 2019

Video surveillance technology has been around for a while, but early systems only included stand-alone and single-site monitoring. Monitoring systems have evolved over and over again with the advent of PC and network technology. In addition to a considerable number of digital video streams from several decentralized cameras, surveillance technology has collaborated with other technologies to provide an intelligent vision of the future.

Today, the trend in the security industry is high-quality intelligent video surveillance. The roles of today’s surveillance systems are becoming more complex and smarter with the introduction of groundbreaking technologies. The transparent multiwindow surveillance screens and modern image processing with robust management and tracking and sensing capabilities are leading the pack now. The value of intelligent surveillance systems will increase the efficacy and management of security and response to events.

In order to realize the full potential of intelligent surveillance systems, the system integration capability of partnering organizations is highly crucial. Professional knowledge and technical expertise must be high, as it is challenging to have comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge, so the importance of close cooperation between system integrators and hardware solution providers becomes vital.

This edition of Govt CIO Outlook features companies such as IDEMIA National Security Solutions, Semandex Networks, Sense Traffic Pulse, and Active Solutions that proffer the industry best solution and also have more than enough expertise in the field of system integration to stay competitive. We present to you a special edition on “Top 10 intelligent video technology solution providers - 2019 .”

    Top Intelligent Video Technology Companies

  • CohuHD is a leading manufacturer of high-definition video systems designed for the performance requirements associated with critical infrastructure applications. The video cameras monitor the most vital, sensitive environments such as border security and transportation, specifically traffic (ITS), maritime ports, airports, and railways. The company's solutions integrate the latest high-definition video imaging and compression technologies into our ruggedized camera products. CohuHD is a high-value, solutions provider for monitoring in the most critical, sensitive environments. They focus on providing the most reliable, rugged, outdoor PTZ cameras in the market. For more than 50 years, the company has manufactured in the U.S.A. the most reliable, rugged video cameras

  • IDEMIA NSS is a pioneer in developing video surveillance solutions for its clients. It’s embedded real-time video analytics makes its flagship offering, theIdentity Intelligence Video Surveillance Platform(i2VSP) even more effective and profitable. It utilizes less power and provides real-time information. The company’s solutions can be well-aligned with all variants of Jetson, which provides different concept of operations for different clients. These not only helps monitor large groups of people at various choke points but can be effectively used for tactical covert surveillance. Its ultra-fast operations in processing data, in less than a second, make the solutions increasingly unique

  • The company offers a video intelligence platform to provide solutions capable of processing large number of video feeds in near real-time alongside large amounts of archived video. Semandex develops software to transform large volumes of data into actionable information. The company is renowned for developing effective solutions for the most challenging data analysis tasks facing national security, law enforcement and information assurance professionals. Semandexpartnered with iGolgi—one of the leading companies that develops video processing solutions for commercial broadcast, distribution and analytics to develop the Semantic Analysis and Linking for Situational Awareness (SALSA), Video Intelligence Platform (VIP)

  • Easy-to-deploy and affordable, intelligent video analytics solutions for a plethora of public and private sector as well as consumer-centric applications. Sense Traffic Pulse™’s video analytics solution can infer data from live videos as well as recorded footage. A critical aspect that differentiates Sense Traffic Pulse™ is its readily-deployable solution that comes with full integration support. This is a boon to law enforcement authorities and other agencies when it comes to applications like traffic monitoring. Often, for these agencies, manually analyzing video is a time-consuming and laborious process. Also, implementing video-analytics technology is costly and requires in-depth data science know-how. With a fully integrated IVA stack, Sense Traffic Pulse™ liberates its clients from the entire hassle of going up and running

  • Iveda


    IVEDA is a boutique Marketing Intelligence firm, specializing in gathering Information, capturing Insights and creating Intelligence to identify and profile Prospective Buyers and influence their Buy Behaviour. The company provides its clients with Information, Insight, and Intelligence on Markets and Opportunities to ensure a qualitative engagement with prospective customers. A firm conviction that a common on-ground engagement strategy cannot be adopted to address all opportunities with the assumption that they are in a similar homogenous environment. IVEDA believes in providing a closer understanding of the Prospects business to bridge the gap between the Seller and Buyer, which helps the Client Sales Team better the Touch while ensuring active opportunity engagement

  • Vantage Security

    Vantage Security

    Having a 29 years old presence in the security & surveillance industry, Vantage has seen the sector being conceived and mature over time and has been at the forefront of every technological breakthrough. They stand in the market today for bringing security technology to the world, which helps them to realize their philosophy of Keeping You Safe. As a principal OEM, the company offers tailor-made solutions across markets. It has a direct presence in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, UAE, and India, which helps them to cater to over 45 countries worldwide

  • Avigilon


    At Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company, they help solve some of the biggest challenges around safety and physical security by developing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, video analytics, surveillance cameras and access control solutions that are used to help keep people, businesses and cities safe. Founded in Vancouver in 2004, Avigilon has been a driving force behind the security industry's AI evolution and has continuously stood for innovation and growth. Today, the company's complete security solutions are installed at thousands of customer sites around the world, empowering users to protect what matters most proactively

  • Bits Technical Corporation

    Bits Technical Corporation

    Established in 1989, Bits Technical Corporation is a premier provider of custom PC, server, surveillance system, peripherals, components, IT and telecom related managed solutions. With three offices located in Houston, Baton Rouge, and Dallas along with state of the art warehouses and training facilities, their business model is simple: leveraging the purchasing power, the experience and expertise to provide their customers with cost-effective custom solutions along with superior customer support. The reputation of the company is what ensures them steady growth and longevity. Utilizing over 30 years of experience in both computer hardware and IT communications, Bits Technical Corporation represents a different paradigm: customized turn-key solutions that work paired with superior customer service

  • Prometheus Security Group

    Prometheus Security Group

    PSG develops innovative, mission-critical Video Management Systems (VMS) - VICADS and technical solutions for securing some of the world's most Critical Assets. The company offers a wide range of product platforms including, Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Access Control (AC) as well as a host of 3rd party products ranging from necessary sensors to highly integrated and complex products such as Ground-Based Radar (GBR) systems. PSG products have been validated by numerous third-party agencies and laboratories to meet the most stringent safety, quality, and performance specifications. PSG's team continues to stay true to its Corporate Philosophy of providing superior solutions, delivered on-time, and within budget

  • SightLogix


    SightLogix manufactures a smart thermal detection system known as the SightSensor, which is specifically designed for high performance in the outdoors. The company's smart thermal cameras with video analytics detect intruders with high accuracy around outdoor assets, solving critical infrastructure protection challenges including substation security, rail security, airport perimeter security, energy and chemical asset protection, datacenter security, and others with great efficiency and low costs. Unlike video surveillance cameras that record video for review, SightSensors can automatically detect security violations in real-time to alert responders with full situational awareness