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Top 10 Intelligent Video Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019

Video surveillance technology has been around for a while, but early systems only included stand-alone and single-site monitoring. Monitoring systems have evolved over and over again with the advent of PC and network technology. In addition to a considerable number of digital video streams from several decentralized cameras, surveillance technology has collaborated with other technologies to provide an intelligent vision of the future.

Today, the trend in the security industry is high-quality intelligent video surveillance. The roles of today’s surveillance systems are becoming more complex and smarter with the introduction of groundbreaking technologies. The transparent multiwindow surveillance screens and modern image processing with robust management and tracking and sensing capabilities are leading the pack now. The value of intelligent surveillance systems will increase the efficacy and management of security and response to events.

In order to realize the full potential of intelligent surveillance systems, the system integration capability of partnering organizations is highly crucial. Professional knowledge and technical expertise must be high, as it is challenging to have comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge, so the importance of close cooperation between system integrators and hardware solution providers becomes vital.

This edition of Govt CIO Outlook features companies such as IDEMIA National Security Solutions, Semandex Networks, Sense Traffic Pulse, and Active Solutions that proffer the industry best solution and also have more than enough expertise in the field of system integration to stay competitive. We present to you a special edition on “Top 10 Intelligent Video Technology Consulting/Services Companies - 2019 .”

    Top Intelligent Video Technology Consulting Companies

  • Active Solutions specializes in municipal, large campus and educational deployments. They manufacture, integrate and deploy video surveillance, access control, and information technology for smarter and safer cities. Systems include Artificial Intelligence based analytics and machine learning, hyperconverged data center deployment as well as Hybrid Cloud / Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) options

  • Access Security

    Access Security

    Headquartered at Warminster, Pennsylvania, Access Security Corporation is a sophisticated security integration enterprise. The company specializes in IP & Meywprl Video Surveillance Systems, electronic access control, Perimeter Protection involving automatic gates and fire alarm and burglar detection systems. The enterprise provides industry-leading system designs, proficient CAD design services and installation by in-house certified security technicians and 24/7 a week customer care services with committed response times. The company is also the premier provider of security access systems and promises absolute customer satisfaction. It offers complete solutions in card access system, IP CCTV surveillance and network access control systems

  • BrickHouse Security

    BrickHouse Security

    Established in 2005, BrickHouse Security is a security enterprise that supplies security systems, including hidden cameras and video cameras, GPS trackers, and alarm systems. The company is a premier supplier of surveillance and security solutions to consumers and organizations of all sizes. Each product supplied by the company is hand-selected, reviewed, tested, and approved by the product team as part of its quality-assurance process. The company specializes in counter-surveillance, covert surveillance, retail loss prevention, organized retail crime (ORC), home security systems, security cameras & video surveillance, GPS tracking, security products, law enforcement and fleet tracking. The headquarters of the company is in New York



    Established in 2000, Ecamsecure is cutting-edge, high-tech video surveillance and security which offers mobile video surveillance, virtual guard, CCTV, structured cabling services, solar and diesel-powered units. Additional services that the company provides are event-based, done and radar solutions, video monitoring, time-lapse, video analytics, and archiving services all enhanced utilizing via the company’s monitoring station. The company specializes in solar solutions, video alarm, security camera, solar-powered units, virtual guard, radar, event-based, construction, systems integration, mobile surveillance units (MSU), CCTV, Portable surveillance units, security systems, drone, radar, event-based, virtual security, and integrated solutions

  • Homeland Safety Systems

    Homeland Safety Systems

    Founded in 2003, Homeland Safety Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of electronic security equipment. The company provides access control components and surveillance camera equipment and have in-depth knowledge of security systems concerning homeland safety. The company commits about its facility obtaining the appropriate security camera coverage without redundancies. The company empowers the other enterprises in planning an emergency response plan, from weather events to active shooters to reduce the liability in a fluid situation. The company specializes in Video Surveillance, Access Control, Telecommunications, Intrusion Alarms, Remote Monitoring, Classroom Enhancements, Intercom Systems, Automatic Door Locks, Systems Integration, Mobile Surveillance Units, Electronic Detention Locking Systems, Panic Buttons, Radios, Garrett Metal Detectors, and Correctional Security Systemsc

  • Reliant Systems

    Reliant Systems

    Reliant Systems LLC offers reliable, performance-driven security solutions in Wayne, NJ that are designed to meet the unique location and security application needs of their clients. The company provides trusted, feature-rich business surveillance solutions and home security camera solutions that enable their vast customer base to monitor activity around the clock-and provide true peace of mind. Reliant system installs state-of-the-art monitored security systems for homes and businesses of all sizes, including burglar alarms, surveillance, and carbon monoxide and smoke detection that are easy to use and affordable. The company began serving the people of Wayne, NJ and the surrounding area in 2013

  • Surveillance Technology

    Surveillance Technology

    Surveillance Technology Inc. (STI) has over 45 years of combined experience providing video surveillance and access control systems to a wide range of clients such as Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Education, Financial Institutions, Large Corporations, Small Businesses, and Residential Applications. Their security camera system and access control security system experts help their clients to Design and Implement their entire system for any scale or application. The company is dedicated to providing satisfaction, and they will ensure users have the best experience from the initial consultation through their final walkthrough and training

  • Vision Security Technologies

    Vision Security Technologies

    Vision Security Technologies is a security systems integrator in the Southeast specializing in the design, sales, installation and maintenance of integrated security management systems including Access control, IP video surveillance, audio/intercom, biometrics, and intrusion detection. Vision has provided innovative and award-winning security solutions for state and federal government, education, campuses, healthcare campuses, retail, manufacturing facilities, ports, stadiums and arenas, multi-family complexes and corporate headquarters since 2000. Vision Protection protects its client’s system, just as the system protects its facility. For those currently considering a security installation, Vision will evaluate the facility and provide a comprehensive analysis. And determine the appropriate maintenance plan

  • Wave Technologies

    Wave Technologies

    Wave Technologies provide custom-designed technology solutions for businesses, homes and government in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut. The company offers a huge range of technical solutions of exceptional quality at affordable prices. Wave Technology also offers the best tools for increased safety, heightened security, loss prevention and liability reduction. They have a team of seasoned professionals from diverse corporate and technical backgrounds, providing combined decades of expertise across a broad spectrum of industry sectors. Their mission is to provide total client satisfaction through the use of superior quality equipment, first-class installation practices and exceptional service. All their technicians are also individually licensed and insured

  • Zycom Surveillance

    Zycom Surveillance

    Zycom Surveillance (Nig) Ltd is a company formed with the spirit of Excellence as they provide services utilizing a team of professionals who have exemplified excellence through years of experience in the surveillance and security industry. Zycom is committed to providing quality services through the implementation of innovative designs and solutions, by partnering with local communities, corporations, law enforcement and security agencies, to ensure that their surveillance and security needs are met and or exceeded. The company’s goal is to return revenue to communities through empowerment and providing technical training and employment opportunities, designed to facilitate development, as well as providing comfort and peace of mind