CohuHD Costar: Bringing Resilient Security to Rugged Environments

CohuHD Costar: Bringing Resilient Security to Rugged Environments

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Doug Means, Senior VP & GM, CohuHD CostarDoug Means, Senior VP & GM
Video surveillance has today moved beyond the familiar “this property is under surveillance” disclaimer. Security and monitoring in unfavorable environments and remote areas bearing valuable assets have become a necessity for governments and businesses alike. A regular video camera would easily breakdown during perimeter monitoring or highway patrolling when exposed to conditions such as blizzards, sandstorms, fog, or dry environment and the images captured definitely will not be helpful in any form. Governed by the idea to provide ‘Rugged Innovation with Superior Endurance,’ CohuHD Costar brings to the market an unparalleled, high-definition, and ruggedized video surveillance camera family-RISE.

With 70 years of history in the market, CohuHD Costar has become the front-runner in the video surveillance market segment due to its secure in-house designs and compatibility with other video management systems. “Our singular focus is on designing, developing, and manufacturing high-definition cameras that withstand the most extreme operating environments,” says Doug Means, Senior VP and GM of CohuHD Costar. While manufacturing within the U.S., CohuHD Costar focuses on developing high-quality long-range, thermal, dual head, and low light cameras delivering unparalleled superior video.

One of CohuHD Costar’s most avant-garde camera systems is its RISE 4290HD series comprising dual cameras that are designed to provide continued long-range detection security with high-definition videos and thermal imaging primarily for enhanced night visibility.“Our cameras are especially popular due to its reliability, design superiority, and quality along with the partnership advantage that we provide in terms of service and support,” explains Means.

Today, CohuHD Costar is proudly assisting many of the State Department of Transportations (DOT’s) to track and manage traffic with their ruggedized video cameras and detect any accidents or incidents.

With the help of these cameras, traffic controllers can not only monitor highways but also help first responders with valuable information on any impediments to traffic flow, accidents or road incidents. As a testament to its quality, CohuHD Costar is the solution of choice for major DOT’s such as Minnesota, California, Alabama and Florida which integrates the cameras into their traffic control systems. “We provide about 80 percent of the traffic camera installations in the domestic area,” says Means.

Apart from serving successfully in the military and traffic arena, CohuHD Costar also specializes in providing security surveillance for critical infrastructures such as oil fields, ports, utility plants and border patrol. On this note, Means cites that CohuHD Costar has recently been chosen by a large oil mining client in Saudi Arabia to provide perimeter security. Due to the failure to meet the requirements of the existing system, the oil company evaluated the surveillance market and found CohuHD Costar to be the most appropriate solution. Being situated in one of the harshest operating environments, the client has benefitted in terms of flawless performance and enhanced video quality. Major defense contractors such as Raytheon, Siemens and Northrop Grumman have selected CohuHD Costar for various mission critical applications.

With the intention of expanding their services, CohuHD Costar is exploring the benefits of the Internet of Video Things (IoVT) and how it will revolutionize their client’s camera system. Through CohuHD Costar’s IoVT solution, a network of physical video devices such as sensors and actuators are created to enable the devices to connect, collect, and exchange critical data on internet management and analytics.

The other vital aspect apart from robust technology that enables CohuHD Costar to stand apart is its hundred percent customer-driven culture. The team of experts understands the requirements voiced by customers and customize video solutions accordingly. Mean’s explains, “We prioritize our customer relationships with both our end-users and channel partners.”

After witnessing a healthy growth trajectory for years, CohuHD Costar aims to be ahead of the technology curve by constantly updating and improving the ability of their long-range detection and dual camera portfolio. “We are not trying to be everything to everybody. Our maxim is to become world-class providers of ruggedized security cameras,” concludes Means.