Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG Global): The Stalwarts of Hardened - Intelligent...

Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG Global): The Stalwarts of Hardened - Intelligent Video Management Systems (VMS)

Rick Gross, CEO , Prometheus Security GroupRick Gross, CEO In recent years, terrorism and the growing number of unconventional threats tops the list of government’s concerns. Government organizations remain the biggest spender on physical security and surveillance solutions and are expected to increase their investment for installing, as well as upgrading the existing security infrastructure. An integrated approach to protection allows government organizations to not only achieve their security goals but also to drive enhanced efficiencies and value-added services in protecting their critical assets. Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG) provides security for some of the world’s most sensitive assets through its hardened intelligent video solutions. PSG’s projects span the Department of Defense (DoD), Department of Energy (DoE), Nuclear facilities and are ideal for gas and oil industrial plants, borders projects, air and sea ports as well as other critical infrastructure and key resources locations such as dams, banks, and hospitals.

PSG ‘s journey into the intelligent video solutions landscape began during the late 90’s when they identified the need for a revolutionary video management platform that complies with the DoD mission and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP)—PDD-63 frame work. The firm’s intelligent video management platform roots come from the real-time incident management information systems (RTIMIS) world. The robust Video Image Control and Display (VICADS®) platform is the backbone for some of the world’s most intense and sensitive traffic management environments. The platform has been tested and proven for a variety of state wide department of transportation stakeholders, such as 911 dispatch centers, to provide real-time map based common operating picture of regional transportation needs including video, traffic flow, and incident management. This effort was coupled with DoD requirements for hardened, reliable and secure platforms that meet stringent DoD nuclear certification requirements. “Built on that combined legacy, with an eye and capability for developing mission specific applications for securing critical infrastructure, PSG has been awarded numerous large federal and industrial contracts and is rapidly becoming a recognized leader in integrated security systems,” says Rick Gross, CEO of PSG Global.

Integrated Network Security at Its Best – (VICADS®)

PSG’s integrated security solutions provide a wide range of products that include VICADS®. The firm takes an open standards based approach to seamlessly integrate state of the art technology from a wide range of manufacturers into a single user interface. Government organizations typically require many video feeds for their business, efficiently managing and storing a high volume of quality and sensitive videos has always been a challenge. PSG’s solutions provide scalable, cost effective storage that can be configured to operate in real-time, redundant or non-redundant configurations, offering the highest uptime and availability.

PSG’s standard VMS platform includes a “Softwall” an intelligent digital video switcher client, “Personal Viewer” a distributable video administration and control client.

The system can be expanded to include a “Radar Wall” a sophisticated Geographic Information System (GIS) based wide area surveillance client capable of layering intrusion/ alarm detection utilizing ground based radar (GBR) or other SEIWG-ICD compliant streaming devices with video and operator control for enhanced levels of situational awareness. The system delivers advanced automated surveillance algorithms that calculates multiple simultaneous threat vectors and deliver rule-based prioritized control to the hands of the operator.

PSG Global has been awarded numerous large federal and industrial contracts and is a recognized leader in integrated security systems

PSG’s customers comprise single secure facilities to large scale base/compound wide installations, maintenance, testing of facility compounds and communication nodes contained within Intrusion Detection and Access Control (IDS/AC) systems. PSG are experts at integrating with third-party annunciation platforms. They support numerous requests for quote (RFQ’s) to define and develop mission critical threat reduction capabilities. These requirements are outlined in performance work statements and may be integrated into its flagship product Video Image Control and Display System (VICADS®) platform solution.

By working closely with customers, helping define requirements, remaining flexible and possessing the technical expertise and experience, PSG is able continually evolve their product capabilities while solving complex issues for sensitive applications required by their customers. With an open architecture, VICADS® utilizes the existing base infrastructure to control and monitor video cameras for identifying suspicious activities and beyond. VICADS® integrates advanced software analytics containing video motion detection and object recognition capabilities.

“PSG recognizes the threat landscape is constantly changing. Our products and services cannot rest on their laurels, we remain abreast of technological advances and open to customer requirements and input. Our products are born of years of engineering solutions addressing real world security concerns to meet or exceed mission specific requirements,” states Jeremy Freeze-Skret (Vice President of Engineering).

Keys to Network Security (Field Panels to Operations Management)

As an approved government contractor, PSG can combine and integrate a variety of third party alarm and access control system platforms and often maintains products installed in government facilities. Hence, VICADS® personnel training certificates are required for on-site personnel to install and maintain annunciation platforms integrated with VICADS® systems. PSG provides best-in-class training classed at its facilities in Austin, TX as well as on-site at the customer’s locations to provide maintenance support, after systems installation.

PSG’s team of technicians ensures operational integrity by providing long term maintenance support structured around the customer’s needs. They support an organization’s secure networks and meet requirements necessary to obtain a restricted area badge and unescorted entry into protection areas. Additionally, since integrated security systems operate in secured areas it’s generally mandatory technical staff also hold certain DoD certifications and accreditations.

Supporting this sensitive and secure environment, PSG offers TALON - an ultra-secure multi-function security appliance capable of high definition video encoding, VoIP intercom, intrusion detection sensors, encrypted storage of video/audio and serial data control (e.g. SCADA). Validating TALON ’s compliance with encryption standards, PSG received the official FIPS 140-2 Level 2 certification comprising 16 different FIPS encryption algorithm certificates from NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). There are 11 separate product certificates, especially from the ONVIF certification—covering every element of security the device offers for TUV SUD Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory compliance, DoD Risk Management Framework (RMF) for cyber compliance. “This means that PSG’s TALON meets industry standards for product and safety as well as interoperability requirements with other ONVIF-certified products, making it easier for end users, integrators, consultants, and manufacturers to take advantage of the robust security features offered by TALON,” says Freeze-Skret.

The New Era of Secure Scene Display

Nevertheless, as these converged systems have become technologically advanced and affordable, vulnerability still exists, giving rise to network security and privacy issues. “Since video data from the IP-based cameras is sent over a shared network, hackers can access the cameras by connecting to the shared network and acquire sensitive video data or even worse replace video images sent from the camera,” states Kevin Bray (Sales Manager). He points out one such forbidding scenario—“spoofing”— where an intruder attempts to gain unauthorized access to a user’s system and swaps video images sent from the camera to the operator display. Hence, there is a need for a high-security video surveillance system to actively detect potential cyber intruders in real time. PSG’s Scene Authentication system leverages advanced encryption and analytics techniques to protect the video scene being viewed from its inception to delivery and storage. The firm’s intelligent and high-security system delivers high definition real-time video and control data over an IP network and ensures that the scene displayed is live and authentic, without being manipulated or interfered with by outside parties. “Scene Authentication can be sold as a standalone product not requiring TALON and paired with virtually any camera from any manufacturer,” says Bray.

"Our integration expertise, capabilities, and applications include multiple high-security annunciation platforms that are integrated with suppliers for a wide range of cameras"

PSG products have been validated by multiple third-party agencies and laboratories to meet the most stringent safety, quality and performance specifications. The next generation product release operates on a Linux based OS platform. “Unlike using a Windows OS as the core platform, with Linux, there is no “Patch Tuesday” concept that causes a constant stream of changes and we can deliver a truly hardened platform, tailored to our client’s demanding mission specific requirements,” says Freeze-Skret. The firm’s unique products will soon be available via the General Services Administration (GSA) schedule 084 for Federal customers. From Information Assurance (IA) compliant communication networks to IDS/AC systems, PSG’s team continues to stay true to its Corporate Philosophy of providing superior solutions, delivered on-time and within budget.