Lenel: Supporting Governance by Securing Access

Lenel: Supporting Governance by Securing Access

Ryan Kaltenbaugh, VP, Federal Government Solutions, LenelRyan Kaltenbaugh, VP, Federal Government Solutions
Federal agencies today are rallying around the idea of providing the right individuals the access to the right resources at the right time for the right reason. The newly adopted regulatory requirement Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) has been a significant step in this direction. The federal agencies, however, struggle to align their IT systems with the evolving regulations because of the legacy IT infrastructure in their premises. Lenel is helping federal organizations meet the necessary compliance mandates for security through their unique platform driven by open technology. “By combining our best-in-class technology with an open system architecture, Lenel delivers high levels of flexibility and control, as well as integrated FICAM solutions,” says Ryan Kaltenbaugh, Vice President, Federal Government Solutions, Lenel.

As an open solutions proponent, Lenel’s core philosophy is to provide users with a platform that is designed around open standards, supporting robust integration and system customizations. The company’s open security platform, OnGuard®, provides government users onboard FICAM authentication with the LNL-4420 controller and add-on reader interface modules. Lenel, in alliance with HID® Global— a secure identity solution provider—also allows the controller to provide authentication support for up to 16 pivCLASS® readers with a built-in applet. The OnGuard system excels as a single solution to enroll ICAM credentials directly, streamlining the enrollment process and reducing the need to go outside of the application for credential validation.

Further, Lenel’s open security platform integrates seamlessly with OnGuard video, intrusion, access and fire products, offering access control, building management, real-time intelligent video content analysis, and smart card applications for government customers. The company also provides added functionality for simplifying client’s operations and improving security.

By combining our best-in-class technology with an open system architecture, Lenel delivers high levels of flexibility and control, as well as integrated FICAM solutions

With the aim to deliver a simple and hassle-free user experience, Lenel offers supporting modules that can be integrated seamlessly with the OnGuard platform. OnGuard’s Policies module, for example, is a web-based analysis application that ensures the OnGuard system is precisely configured to enforce government security policies and automatically rectify non-compliant access rights in the OnGuard system. On the other hand, the OnGuard WATCH module efficiently collects system data and displays it on customizable, user-friendly dashboard so that users can easily view important security data at any time. Recently, Lenel also integrated a fully cloud-based service, BlueDiamond mobile credentials, and readers, into the OnGuard platform that allows individuals to use their mobile phones as their access control card.

Additionally, since many federal agencies today are in the process of updating their Physical Access Control Systems (PACS), Lenel is utilizing the latest industry practices and standards to protect their employees, physical and intellectual property, as well as the stakeholders’ interests. Currently, they have over 20,000 system installations in more than 93 countries globally. Lenel also provides intelligent video solutions that provide the reliable performance to address current security requirements, along with the scalability and advanced features to accommodate future growth.

“Our expertise goes beyond just great technology to engage, monitor, and work with government users and also provides them the right solutions to address their complex security challenges,” says Kaltenbaugh. In every client engagement, experienced specialists provide flexible and reliable options to support their clients’ current and future security requirements. Lenel also collaborates with leading technology companies to develop best-of-breed integrations to create a system that’s tailored to federal organizations’ specific needs.

Lenel’s commitment to open standards, robust integration and innovation ensure its status as a top solutions provider for the federal government.