Iveda: Advancing Cloud Video Surveillance

Iveda: Advancing Cloud Video Surveillance

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David Ly, Founder & CEO, IvedaDavid Ly, Founder & CEO An estimated 30 million surveillance cameras are now deployed in the U.S. shooting four billion hours of footage in a week. Clearly, we live in a total surveillance society, where every move and transaction is duly watched, registered, and recorded. As with most businesses that are going the “cloud way” to host their applications today, video surveillance is no different. In a closely inspected world, Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS), is emerging as the viable option for both homes and enterprises. Today, cloud-based video surveillance not only centralizes security operations, enables remote monitoring but also radically minimizes infrastructure and installation costs.

One video technology solutions provider that is turning heads in the industry with its proprietary cloud video surveillance and data management platform, Sentir is Arizona-based Iveda[OTCMKTS: IVDA]. Designed specifically for telecommunications companies, data center operators, ISPs, and cable companies, Sentir is a subscription-based plug-and-play software that takes away the burden of buying and maintaining equipment. Behind Iveda’s next-gen technology is industry veteran and visionary entrepreneur David Ly, chairman and CEO under whose leadership the company has evolved into a mature, global organization. David was only 27 years old when he founded the company in 2003, but his pioneering cloud video infrastructure caught the attention of several investors and consumers alike and in no time Iveda turned into a billion dollar company.

The Ultimate Cloud Surveillance

Today, Sentir passes all the accepted standards of cloud computing and combines the video surveillance functionality of traditional digital video recorders and network video recorders. The solution is ideal for companies providing video services to an existing customer base, as Sentir can easily be bundled with their existing offerings. Iveda has created the “Demo-to- Market Launch in 30 Days” program for dealers and integrators to shorten the going-to-market process, which includes white labeling. Likewise, end users can reduce their capital outlays and instead pay a monthly fee for their security surveillance needs. Users can access video anywhere, 24/7 using a web browser or a mobile app. With state-of-the-art features such as commercial accessibility over the web, software management from a central location, and API availability for integration, Sentir is the go-to cloud surveillance solution for video service providers.

IvedaAI uses deep learning technology for advanced AI video search and is capable of searching a combination of objects from dozens to thousands of cameras in less than one second

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has granted Sentir the Safety Act Certification as a qualified anti-terrorism technology (QATT); which stands as a testament to its effectiveness, reliability, and overall quality. The certification was given after a rigorous due diligence process, which included interviewing Iveda’s existing partners and customers to validate the technology. Other offerings by Iveda include their ZEE® plug and play IP cameras that are ideal for mass distribution and are easy to set up and maintain. The ZEE camera line comprises indoor, outdoor, fixed, and pan or tilt cameras. The company also offers WiFi–based Iveda home automation and security system that is easy to install.

Setting a new paradigm in video surveillance, the company recently launched IvedaAI that uses deep learning technology for advanced AI video search. IvedaAI employs 30+ patents in AI, big data analytics, and cloud computing, and is capable of searching a combination of objects from dozens to thousands of cameras in less than one second. “We’ve been getting positive feedback from our current partners, both in the U.S. and abroad,” says David. “They have already identified end users that will greatly benefit from IvedaAI, such as banks and schools,” he adds.

In addition to the search capability, IvedaAI can find a person based on face images and detect intrusion based on object types. Unlike most facial recognition software available in the market today, IvedaAI does not require a face database. It can match an uploaded photo of an individual, from live video, recorded video, or an AVI file. The use cases of IvedaAI are endless. It can distinguish between a person, an animal, or an object such as weapons. IvedaAI creates a virtual fence with built-in AI algorithm to recognize more than 100 types of objects. For example, with the facial recognition feature a child lost in a mall can easily be identified, or a store manager can instantly be alerted when a shoplifter with a criminal record enters a store. The application can recognize a face with matching accuracy of greater than 95 percent which reduces the number of false-positives significantly. While traditional systems have a low performance at night or in low-light conditions, IvedaAI achieves high-accuracy with thermal or IR cameras in low light conditions, making it a truly revolutionary and a cutting-edge system.

The Future of Video Surveillance

Keeping in mind that smart cities are the topmost agenda for government and private sector organizations alike, Iveda’s SafeCiti is an ultimate cloud video surveillance validator that is used for citywide deployments. With deep know-how, extensive experience, strong partnerships, and global resources SafeCiti is the answer to a truly secure city project that is reliable, centrally managed, scalable, and cost effective. Iveda utilizes various components of traffic management, traffic control, and parking guidance and delivers a wide range of scalable applications, in line with the city’s budget and changing demands. Nothing better highlights Iveda’s expertise other than the fact that they were chosen by Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group for a nationwide safe city initiative. Iveda implemented intelligent traffic solutions, video cameras for general surveillance use, special cameras and sensors for reading license plates and detecting the speed of vehicles and motorbikes at intersections, and much more.

Iveda added another feather to its cap when the company bagged a million dollar safe city project with Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom. The client purchased 300 of Iveda’s ZEE cameras that were customized with self-sufficient housing and tripod stand including solar-powered battery and cellular data modem for wireless video transmission to the Sentir platform. The cameras were retrofitted with an additional 1,200 TB of data storage. In certain sites, a combination of 340 stationary and pan tilt zoom IP cameras that networked through 19 Iveda network video recorders were also installed. The centralized system even had public address and conferencing capabilities. In addition, Iveda established a central monitoring facility for remotely monitoring construction sites and reporting any incidents or emergencies, utilizing the Sentir platform.

The security of surveillance videos is always a priority for Iveda. The company’s networks ensure service stability and up-time and is protected 24 hours a day by industry leading network firewalls that block unauthorized entry. To close all possible openings in unauthorized activity, every user has to go through 3-tier password-protection levels. Another security feature is IP address filtering, which allows only defined IP addresses to access the product.

According to latest estimates, the global video surveillance market which accounted for $30 billion in 2017 is expected to reach a whopping $105 billion by 2026. And without a doubt, Iveda’s cutting-edge surveillance solutions offer the latest and greatest intelligent video technology that end users across the globe can deeply benefit from.

- Sandeepa M
    January 02, 2019