Intelligent Video Solutions: Improving Governance through Smart Video Solutions

Intelligent Video Solutions: Improving Governance through Smart Video Solutions

Kevin Marti, President, Intelligent Video SolutionsKevin Marti, President
The federal government is constantly looking to employ a preemptive approach for effective governance. To this end, video technology has emerged as one of the key areas that both the state and local governments are focusing on to derive greater onsite intelligence to mitigate dangerous situations. The need of the hour for the government agencies is to observe, capture, systematize, and secure video content from various quarters of the governance such as child advocacy centers, city council meetings, courtroom recording, jails and correctional facilities, and law enforcement interview rooms. Transforming cameras into analytical tools, the government users can utilize greater evidence for investigation.

Intelligent Video Solutions (IVS) is the digital technology incorporated on a network tool such as an IP camera, in a rooted system or on a computing appliance. With more than a decade of experience in providing intuitive solutions for the government industry, IVS enables the agencies to deliver excellent services for the public in general. The company’s Video Audio Learning Tool (VALT) allows users to increase the effectiveness of a wide variety of programs by leveraging the power of video. “VALT is a third-generation resolution which benefits from the latest high-definition IP camera technology and audio gear, enabling clients with a consistent, superior resolution that is user-friendly and extremely secure,” says Kevin Marti, President of IVS.

With VALT, government agencies can manage videos while being able to record, view, and quickly empower the application users without depending on extensive IT support. The VALT solution is used in an extensive range of scenarios such as government meetings and many other simulation-based active learning applications. For instance, forensic interview teams leverage VALT for analysis, while the police department utilizes VALT for interrogation purpose. Furthermore, the children’s agency can use VALT for their unique needs.

VALT is a third-generation resolution which benefits from the latest high-definition IP camera technology and audio gear

The VALT child advocacy center audio and video recording system is easy to organize and activate. The recorded videos are fed to the central server that can store up to 16,000 hours of high-definition video, providing the child advocacy center with ample video and sound data.

Further, the company provides a functional tool, Beam mobile capture, for recording the meetings held by council chambers. The Beam mobile capture allows the governments to set up extremely portable VALT cameras and microphones off-site and record the minutes through a smartphone or a tablet. The tool helps the council by providing them information on the move. Similarly, every single courtroom video recording session is enabled with a quick lookup of individual recordings stamped with metadata. Notes can be annotated to every assembly, providing the audience with the essential information about the particular courtroom interaction during an assembly.

Additionally, VALT video for crisis center recordings is integrated to a central server, nullifying the need for setting up bulky video equipment in an interview room. Placing HD IP cameras (paired with microphones) in the room and the unit is ready to record. With up to four cameras that can be placed in the same room, organizations can capture crisis center evaluations from multiple angles. Every single function or feature can either be enabled or disabled at the end-user-group level, making VALT a highly flexible solution that supports smart governance.

“Our goal with every existing and new customer is to create fans by providing great solutions and superior services that will help them accomplish their established purpose,” concludes Marti.